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What is Therapy?


You may never have felt the need to have Counselling, Therapy or Family Mediation before for many different reasons; Stigmas, fear, there are too many approaches to understand - which one is right for you? financial implications.. to name but a few.  

I aim to help you to overcome the reasons for not contacting me or another, and explain why and how it can help you to understand the thoughts and feelings you maybe struggling with, you may also and hopefully see that in just a short space of time you may start to feel better within yourself, that is what we all want and need in life. 

So many people may be carrying many suppressed feelings around with them, which can be painful memories from as far back to childhood experiences which have been locked deep inside for too many years, which may be causing many problems either in a personal or professional capacity, or maybe trying to recover and overcome from a recent incident. It is only when you the client is ready to talk and work through a process of techniques that these feelings and memories move forward to the conscious and are able to be worked with. 

This may make you feel anxious about talking in private with a stranger, however I am a trained professional who needs and wants to hear as much as you can share, which will help me to help you in a more productive way. 

I offer a mixture of approaches which are mainly; Person Centred Counselling (PCA) & Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapy (CBT). Please see the Approaches page to read about the differences in these two. 

I have developed and practice working with presenting issues such as;

Anxiety, Trauma, Phobias, Bereavement & Loss, Relationship Breakdown, Children & Young People (suicidal thoughts, self harm, bullying), Addiction, Crisis Support (Rape & physical violence), Family Welfare (family mediation, a step before divorce)? Homelessness, Financial Hardship, working with clients in private practice or their suited environment.

I work within the guidelines of the BACP

Registered member on the Accredited Register MBACP

A Portable DBS - renewal date: April 2020

Full insurance to practice.


Are you happy with what you see, do you wish it was different?


Both mirrored reflections and reflection on your life may affect your mindset, talking through your feelings can help you. 


 Mobile throughout the North West and with a dedicated Therapy Room


Contract work available to work with and alongside of: 

Occupational Health Departments

Residential Care Home Providers

(Young People and Elderly)

School Counselling

Doctors Surgery

Social Workers

Palliative Care