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The two main approaches I use and fully qualified in are:


Person Centred Counselling ~ A Non-Directive Approach



Mainly used with clients dealing and trying to manage;


Bereavement and loss, relationship breakdown, workplace worries and low self-esteem, to name but a few.  When this approach is used, the client is given the empowerment of leading the sessions and express how they are feeling, knowing that they will not be judged in what they bring to the sessions, we will use skills such as reflection, genuineness, empathy and metaphors which may allow the client to find their own solutions to their problems.  These sessions are normally offered in blocks of six contracted sessions and reviewed in session five.


Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy (CBT) ~ A Directive Approach



Mainly used with clients dealing and trying to manage; 


Anxiety, depression, phobias and addiction disorders.  CBT is based on the idea that problems are not caused by situations themselves, but by how we interpret them in our thoughts. These can then affect our feelings and actions. This approach is research and evidence based on the positive results achieved. During these sessions we will set tasks on key and specific elements of what the client has presented to the session, in the form of homework or to work through worksheets, with the aim to change negative thoughts into more realistic and useful ones.  These sessions are normally contracted to eight to twelve.


Initial consultation is £40.00 for one hour. ***


£40.00 per 60 minute session (a minimum of contracted sessions to be agreed)

Corporate fees available upon request.

*** If confirmation for contracted sessions is agreed within two weeks of the initial consultation, this will act as a deposit which will be rolled over, allowing you to have the final and agreed contract session Free of Charge.

Family Mediation

The aim of Family mediation is to start and improve the communication between two parties.  This maybe Man and Wife or the Parents and their Child/children.


Acting as a mediator can be a very challenging and demanding role to hold, however I am very sure it may feel very similar to and for my clients. By being the third party in the room can help the parties to talk in turn without interruption, allowing them to say what they believe to be the reason/s of why the relationship may have broken down.  

To allow someone to talk without interruption, can be a truly wonderful experience, as it can be empowering for the talker to finish their sentence and will allow the listener to hear in full.  There are so many couples or families who sadly have a communication breakdown, mainly down to this simplistic fact. 

Have you ever interrupted someone’s speech and then say, sorry carry on - maybe their reply will be: I have forgotten what I was going to say now....  Mediation can help you to understand the foundations of good communication, by valuing and respecting the other parties thoughts and feelings. 


£30.00 for the initial meet with the individual party
£60.00 for the joint meet

per 50 minute sessions.